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Intimate Romantic Moutain Elopement Wedding in Gougane Barra Cork Ireland

One step closer to your elopement adventure

Congratulations on your exciting decision to elope. Not only are you throwing out the rule book, but you’re tearing up the pages and ripping them to shreds to create a wedding day that feels like your own. But it can be nerve-wracking walking down an untrodden path…into the unknown. Don’t worry, that’s part of the magic. It’s what makes your elopement adventure so unique.
And we’ve got everything covered for you.

Intimate Romantic Moutain Elopement Wedding in Gougane Barra Cork Ireland

Let your audacious elopement become a reality

As your specialist elopement photographer, I invest every drop of energy and creativity into capturing your relationship and personalities authentically so you can relive those beautiful moments over again, for the rest of your lives. It takes courage and imagination to get the elopement wedding you’ve always dreamed of. One that’s as unique and true to yourselves as a couple. Together we will capture your pure and authentic love for each other in a legacy for a lifetime and beyond.
Elopement Wedding

So much more than your photographer…

My job as your elopement photographer is so much more than the logistics, to-do lists, tasks and capturing memories on your day. I can take care of all the little details so you can both completely relax and immerse yourself in the experience.

I can help my clients with planning and support you both every step of the way. I understand how important it is for every detail of your wedding day to reflect who you are and what your love stands for.

Capturing amazing images doesn’t happen without a connection though. I like to build genuine relationships with the couples I work with. So it’s important we get to know each other. As we embark upon this adventure together, you need to feel at ease around me or you’ll never feel liberated enough to be your true self. And when your photographer feels like an intrusion on your day, everything feels awkward and we risk missing out of those intimate and silly moments

Destination Elopement Wedding

The Ultimate Elopement Experience

Each and every shoot is as unique as it should be. The way I tell my clients’ stories never changes but every vision is different. Every person I work with gets my full attention and the very best of my skills. You deserve your own experience based on your unique and loving relationship. I promise to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

Here’s literally everything I can do for you

Actually, there’s very little I’m not prepared to do to make this one of the greatest and most memorable days of your lives. Being your elopement photographer and guide means more than just showing up on the day, pointing my camera and shooting. I’m invested in the planning process and focusing on creating that once-in-a-lifetime experience. And here’s how we do this:

Elopement Wedding


I can guide you with both of these critical decisions when we have our initial chat. My Instagram page is good source of inspiration for different locations – and most of my couples had no idea these places even existed.

Connect with me on Instagram. 

Destination Elopement Wedding


I will go through your questionnaire and notes from our discovery meeting in-depth to make sure I understand everything while I’m getting to know you. I am to provide you with:

  • Location ideas and timings
  • Support with a timeline for your day from start to finish
  • Elopement vendor suggestions including hair and makeup artists, florists, personal chef, chauffeur or even a private jet it that’s your jam. If you need it, the chances are I know a guy or gal who can.
  • Unique ideas. Think hiking, kayaking, your first dance on a private yacht, dinner served on a jet...the sky is literally the limit. I’ll even jump out of a plane with you if that's what you want. I’m pretty terrified of heights but as Meatloaf famously said: I will do anything for love!
  • You can always come to me with questions; remember, I’m your guide, at your disposal.
Intimate Romantic Moutain Elopement Wedding in Gougane Barra Cork Ireland


Everything I’ve learned and experienced over the years has been put into my planning guides and checklists so you can dream big while we nail the nitty-gritty details for you.


Destination Elopement Wedding


I’ll help make sure your dream of an all-day elopement shoot becomes reality. I can explain every step, with anticipated timings so you know what to expect and how long everything usually takes so your day is planned with plenty of time to relax and soak in the amazing experience – but not planned so rigidly that it encroaches on the natural flow of the day.

Destination Elopement Wedding


Your big day is here! I promise your wedding will not feel stressful or rushed with me. It will feel like an epic adventure - truly one of the more remarkable days of your life. All captured with fun, candid and stunning photos of your entire experience.


Destination Elopement Wedding


Relive your amazing day through the magic of photography. Treasure your personal love story for a lifetime knowing you could relax and full immerse yourself completely in the experience free from the stress and hassle of a traditional wedding.


But a Full day of photos
will be super tiring, right?

Intimate Romantic Moutain Elopement Wedding in Gougane Barra Cork Ireland

Ok. Let’s get this straight. An 8+ hour photoshoot is certainly not what you’ll experience. It’ll feel more like an epic adventure you wish would never end. There will be no awkward posing and putting on a face for the camera. You will be embarking on the most romantic experience of your lives. And I’ll capture that for you. You’ll likely forget I’m even there.

Your big day will involve:

Photos, photos and more photos, from the start of your day to the very end! While you eat pancakes for breakfast, hop into your chauffeur-driven car or drive your own while blasting out your favourite tunes! Everything about your day will be documented every single step of the way. The emotion as you recite your vows and savour that first and ever-so-romantic kiss as a married couple. Up the mountain as you begin to celebrate the rest of your lives together. Your first dance is by the campfire, on a private yacht or even a special park or garden. I’ll be discreetly in the background capturing each dreamy moment made possible by your love for each other.

Intimate Romantic Moutain Elopement Wedding in Gougane Barra Cork Ireland

I offer three different elopement packages to meet your individual needs. With every package you will receive VIP treatment and have your own personal elopement consultant to hand every step of the way.

For all packages:

From the moment you hire me, we are a team. Think of me as your right-hand woman. We start with a questionnaire so I can get to know you both and understand everything you want to get out of your elopement. I’ll send you a customised list of location options, planning resources, and personalised vendor recommendations. We’ll dream and scheme as much as you want to.

  • Access guidance on how to explain your elopement plans to your loved ones
  • Help putting together your packing list
  • Understand what’s possible during your ceremony.
  • Get a clear timeline so we’re at the right spot at the right time for all your gorgeous photos and epic views.

Your beautiful images

After your amazing adventure, you’ll get top relive it again and again. You’ll get a high-resolution gallery (backed up for a full year!) of your edited images with unlimited downloads, sharing, and printing rights. A stunning slideshow with highlights of your epic adventure. I offer prints and handmade albums for you to purchase. (link to products page)

My travel Is covered

No matter where you’re going in Ireland, I can get there. I never expect clients to foot my travel costs - that way they have the freedom to be as adventurous as they like, without worrying about hidden costs (the only thing that might be extra is something super extra, like a plane or helicopter, boat tour, or hot air balloon).

Intimate Romantic City Elopement Wedding in Dublin Ireland


Two Full Days Focused Entirely On You

Tell the entire story of your adventure. With 2 x 12-hour days of photo coverage we’ll explore as much as you want: whether it’s an overnight backpacking trip or travel along the coast by boat, car, helicopter or even a hot air balloon, the options are truly endless. I’ll help you dream up the perfect day and experience!

This package is perfect if you want your overnight adventure documented in full, in multiple locations with different views and scenery. It’s also great if you have two experiences in one: an intimate elopement with just you two on one day and family the next.



Destination Elopement Wedding


One Whole Day To Capture Every Moment

Capture your entire day, from the moment you wake til you’re popping champagne at your campsite or hotel that night. I’ll document the whole story a 12-hour shoot so you can make your most precious moments in time stand still forever..







Elopement Wedding


One day dedicated to capturing your amazing day
This is your once-in-a-lifetime experience – with magical moments you’ll want to relive forever! I’ll be there for a full 8 hours to capture every detail of your amazing story. We’ll have plenty of time together to get this adventure documented. This package is perfect for elopements involving a shorter hike or a location that we are able to drive to – we want to make the most of every moment.





Experience a whole new level of romance

When I married Patrick our wedding day did not reflect us. We booked a church, a classy hotel and had a party with 100 close family and friends. We spent a small fortune and endured a logistical nightmare because we thought this was just how weddings had to be.

We barely remember the day at all. Sure, we have tons of photos, but were so busy making sure everyone was where they needed to be that when it came to taking photos many were posed and unnatural. Patrick and I barely had a moment to speak to one other and were too exhausted to even kiss goodnight.

If we’d known then what we know now we’d have put the money spent on invitations, bands, DJ, venues and all the trimmings to much better use. We’d have married abroad (we’re both globetrotters), picked a dream once-in-lifetime location for an ultimate romantic experience unique to us.

Now I know this whole other level of romance can be experienced through elopements I want nothing more than for you to experience this unforgettable adventure in a way that’s authentic to both of you.

So, let’s get this started shall we?

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Together we’ll mastermind a uniquely tailored plan to capture the incredible dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Step 3.
Enjoy the wedding you always wanted

Lose yourselves in the spellbinding romance of your special day, knowing every final detail is taken care of for you.

Step 4.
Relive the magic over again

Relive those heart-stopping moments of your unique love story all over again, with a legacy of beautiful images your whole family will treasure for a lifetime and more.

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