Your epic experience
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Worldwide elopement and

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Authentic To You


Uniquely Different


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Your epic experience captured forever

Worldwide elopement and couples photographer

Authentic To You

Uniquely Different

Stress-Free Experience


Destination Elopement Wedding

Your elopement is too precious to choose the wrong photographer

Getting the elopement wedding you’ve dreamed of takes courage and imagination. It’s one of the greatest adventures of your life and you want those heart-stopping moments bottled forever.

Choosing the right photographer is crucial. You simply cannot afford to get this wrong. But planning your elopement wedding can feel overwhelming. It's difficult to know how to find a photographer that will share your bold vision. One that will understand and capture your unique love story. Getting it right will give you exceptional and mesmerising memories. Your most precious moments captured forever. Get it wrong and you risk reducing your memories from mesmerising to unexceptional. Your most precious moments compromised forever.

You’ve invested way too much to risk that.

You deserve a breathtaking legacy of your epic day to treasure forever.

Relax - your elopement is in safe hands

Feel like a screen legend in your own love story.

Here's how...

Destination Elopement Wedding

A vision as bold as your own

You have a mass of brave and wonderful ideas and would love to make that a reality. I am a firm believer that anything is possible. I can introduce you to an extensive list of the most stunning elopement destinations in Ireland and around the world. The sky really is the limit. Share your dream and I will help to bring it to life for you

Elopement Wedding

An authentic

You should feel connected and safe in the hands of your photographer. But, without a genuine connection, it can feel like an intrusion. Couples can struggle to be their true selves in front of the camera. You need your photographer to be an invisible force you trust to make time stand still for you. That’s why I build real relationships with clients so you truly feel at ease. From there I can capture your most authentic emotional moments.

Destination Elopement Wedding


Elopement weddings are tricky to plan – especially if you don’t know the area and don’t have contacts. My role extends far beyond the prints in your album. I act as a complete guide, supporting you with every aspect of your intimate wedding. Every last detail will be carefully thought out so that you can enjoy your day hassle-free, and avoid any disappointments.

Want a wedding experience as unique as you are? I get it

I understand the challenges couples often have to overcome to get the wedding they really want. For many years I have helped to co-ordinate weddings in some of Galway's finest hotels. I know how crucial it is to nail the details. I’ve seen first-hand, bride after bride overwhelmed and reduced to tears by the pressure of their big day.
I’ve been there myself. My partner and I prioritised other people’s visions of our wedding day over our own and always wondered what could have been. It was a lovely wedding day but didn't reflect us as a couple. This experience is what planted the seed that led me down the path to specialise in elopement and couples photography in Ireland and around the world. Now, I am thrilled to be able to offer couples an epic experience that is true to their desires and individual personalities.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to capturing the most precious moments of your life on camera. Every couple I work with is truly unique. That’s why I take time to build a genuine connection with my clients – so that I fully understand their love story and capture the magnitude of this most wonderful occasion - ensuring it is never lost - regardless of the location, style or number of guests.
Intimate Romantic Moutain Elopement Wedding in Gougane Barra Cork Ireland

Susies & Ben's Story

Choosing Kate for our wedding photographer was the easiest wedding decision we made!
From first viewing Kate's work, we knew her style was for us! It was so different to the structured wedding photos we had seen so much of before. It was so refreshing to see a more relaxed and creative style. We loved the natural romance that emanated from her photographs!

From our first video call with Kate, our hearts were set. She is such a warm, loving and reassuring person! Kate was amazing amongst the constant changing covid restrictions we had to face right up to the day of the wedding. She really went above and beyond to keep our spirits up in the lead up to the wedding and built the excitement for us!
On the wedding day meeting, Kate for the first time in person was like meeting a well-known friend. 

Kate could not do enough for us, she was a wedding coordinator, friend, counsellor and photographer all rolled into one! She was so attentive to all the guests keeping everyone entertained and at ease and she was completely tuned in to us as a couple and what we wanted to achieve for our wedding day. We truly treasure the photographs of our day as they tell a story, our story, and in such a visually truthful way.

Her positivity and pure excitement for both her work and for her couples is what makes her so magic and this comes across in her photography.

Intimate Romantic Moutain Elopement Wedding in Gougane Barra Cork Ireland

Spellbinding moments that last forever

Elopement Wedding

Eloping in


The stunning Emerald Isle is packed with obscure and spellbinding locations. The trouble is knowing where to find the perfect spot that feels unique to you. I have extensive experience planning elopements across Ireland - so your dream day is hassle-free and exactly as you dreamed it would be.

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Elopement Wedding

Worldwide elopements

As your one-stop elopement guide, I'll help you plan your epic adventure no matter how bold and wild your vision is! We'll pin down every last detail - from your dream location, down to the permits you need and even how to share your day with your loved ones. You'll have peace of mind knowing everything is covered.

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Destination Elopement Wedding

Couples photography

I know your love story is far greater than one day. But it's frustrating when you can't capture your true feelings for one another in a selfie. You deserve to have an authentic legacy for your love story. I seize those intimate moments that reflect the nuances of your special relationship so that you can relive them forever.

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Destination Elopement Wedding

Create a lasting legacy

So many couples make a significant investment in their photography only for their images to gather dust at the back of a cupboard. I can advise you on unusual and imaginative ways to preserve your memories so you and your loved ones can relive those magical moments for many years to come.

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Elopement Wedding

Step 1.
Share your vision

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Eloptment wedding Kate Nolan, Ireland

Step 2.

Plan your bespoke elopement experience

Together we’ll mastermind a uniquely tailored plan to capture the incredible dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Destination Elopement Wedding

Step 3.

Enjoy the wedding you always wanted

Lose yourselves in the spellbinding romance of your special day, knowing every final detail is taken care of for you.

Elopement Wedding

Step 4.

Relive the magic over again

Relive those heart-stopping moments of your unique love story all over again, with a legacy of beautiful images your whole family will treasure for a lifetime and more.

What are you waiting for?

Stop wondering how someone will ever capture the authenticity of your experience. Instead relax, knowing your magical elopement will be preserved forever with beautiful photography. You'll have support every step of the way. And your enviable images will exude your love for one another in a way that’s true to you. Let's talk today. You only have one chance to get this right.

What Does It Mean To Elope?

"A liberating yet intimate wedding experience, away from the trappings of
traditional nuptials, that embodies the unique personalities of the happy couple!"

Destination Elopement Wedding

Perceptions Of 'Eloping' Have Moved On...

Elopements in 2021 are a far cry from the historic notion of sneaking off in secret to get wed.

Elopement weddings are now a popular way for couples to express themselves and get the wedding they have always wanted – one that is authentic to them.

Elopements are now seen as smaller weddings, sometimes with just a few family and friends and often with just the couple present. They offer a sense of liberation from the confinements and anxieties that some people associate with planning a large traditional wedding day.

Your elopement options really are endless – I can help you design your own intimate and stress-free adventure to suit your unique personalities. No request is too small.

I’ll ensure every detail of your day is considered, whether you marry in the middle of a tropical jungle or on the edge of the ocean.

Destination Elopement Wedding

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